Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Force

When I come home after a long day at work I like to play a little game. I get on the elevator, I push the button for my floor, and then I wait for the door to close.

And then, just as the machinery starts to cause the elevator to rise, I pretend that I'm really lifting the elevator using only my mind. And then, when it stops on my floor, I like to pretend that I'm using the Force to open the door.

Now, between the elevator and the main hall, there's a short hallway that's closed off by what I assume is some sort of fire safety door. More often than not, this door is closed. Occasionally I'll find it propped open with a rock or a cinder block, but that may actually be a fire hazard.

Every time I get off the elevator, I raise my hand and attempt to force the door open telekinetically, but it never happens. Some days I close my eyes while riding up the elevator and actually try to will the door open. Alas, it's never happened.

But one day, it's really gonna freak all of you out when I am able to report that I got off the elevator and found that door held open by nothing but the sheer force of my will.

The more likely event is that, one day, I'll be using "the Force" to open the door and it will open, but only because someone happened to be coming out as I was going in. But in that split second before I see the tenant on the other side step through, I'll think that I finally did it.

That will be a wonderful split second.

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