Thursday, July 09, 2009

Staycation: Day 4

The staycation is more than halfway over. It's kind of depressing when you think about it. Sure I still have a few days of no work, but most of that will be weekend, and that's just the norm.

Yesterday I went to my mailbox. This required me actually leaving the confines of my apartment and walking down the hall where I was faced with a choice. Do I take the elevator? Or do I take the stairs?

By this point, it felt like a great deal of my muscles had atrophied from a lack of movement for the past 48 hours. I decided that the stairs would be a good idea. As I stood at the top of the stairs, I realized that it was also a treacherous idea. But I forced my legs to do the work. After all, going down a flight of stairs isn't nearly as difficult as going up. That's something I would soon find out.

I got the mail and found nothing special about the event. Then I headed back up the stairs. I could have easily pushed the button for the elevator. But since this was the only real exercise I had received since the weekend, I decided the stairs would, once again, be a good idea. I sure felt like an old man while I was making that climb.

When I got back to my apartment I noticed a note on my door. It was something I hadn't seen when I left just a few minutes prior. It was a note from the property manager.

Remember that leak I had in my kitchen a few weeks back? Well, when I paid my rent at the beginning of this month, I included a thank you note. I wanted to let her know that I appreciated that they had been able to fix the problem and even apologized a little for being a sarcastic jerk while I was irritated with the whole issue. Pretty sure the sarcasm and angry remarks are not what Jesus would do. The way I saw it, her job has to be a thankless one. She probably only hears from tenants when they have something to complain about. Actually, I know that for a fact, 'cause I'm one of them.

The note from the property manager was also a thank you note. She was thanking me for my thank you note. I had to laugh at this. I mean, I get that she was grateful that I took the time to say thanks, but where does the cycle end? Am I now required by etiquette to send another thank you? I thought one would surely be enough, but maybe I'm wrong.

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