Monday, July 06, 2009

Staycation: Day 1

A few months ago I scheduled a week of vacation, unsure of what I'd be doing or what I could even afford to do.

That week of vacation has arrived and I can afford to do pretty much nothing. And thus, the week of the staycation has begun.

It's hard to tell what this week will bring. It will either be filled with days of adventures that can be had for free, or it will be filled with lazy days that involve absolutely no strenuous activity whatsoever.

Since I'm not going anywhere, I'd really like to spend some time writing. Not for the blog, but for those novel ideas I've had rattling around in my head for the last few years.

I always make excuses for not writing. I don't spend my days doing any kind of hard physical labor, but by the end of a day at the bank, I am still exhausted. By the time I get home, I just don't feel like exercising my brain. And then when the weekend hits, I feel like I've only got a day to myself to really relax, so that's what I do. I spend time vegging out and refraining from forcing my mind to do any work.

So yeah, that's the plan. Unless something better comes up. It's conceivable that some free or extremely cheap activity could come up and I'll spend one of my vacation days outside of my apartment. It could happen.

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  1. Yes! Definitely write! I've actually been doing a LOT of that lately, and for some reason, been keeping motivated and excited about it. Not sure where the inspiration is coming from, but not looking a gift horse in the mouth.
    Also, I'm sure part of it is that I've recently joined a small writers group online. And it requires that we submit a chapter a week. Right now there are only five of us, but I'm a LITTLE concerned that critiquing that many 10 page chapters might get tiresome, but it's GREAT getting that much feedback. I'm doing a LOT of rewriting. But definitely growing as a writer.
    Also, you should take at least one day trip SOMEWHERE. Drive to the beach, or go hang out at the lake for the day or something.
    Viva Staycation!