Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wanna See Somethin' Cool?

Ever use Google Maps? Or the Google Earth doohicky?

Sometimes when I'm bored at work, that's what I do. I go on there and I zoom in on places I've been. Most of the time, the places I zoom in on are places that I haven't been in a long time.

Well, yesterday, during one of those slow, boring periods of the day, I started searching for the places that I've lived in my life. I Googled the duplex that I lived in with Dad and found something pretty cool.

Zooming in as close to street level as possible without actually going to street level (which is pretty cool in itself), I saw my own car.

Now, I haven't lived there in over two years. So obviously, the satellite picture that was taken of 3312 Oakland Blvd. must have been taken a few years back. 'Cause right there, parked on the curb is my little green Escort. And in the driveway is Dad's old Taurus wagon.

Don't believe me? Well here it is...

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