Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Mouse in the Greenehouse

The three of us sat there just watching a movie
Relaxing on Tuesday and feeling quite groovy

Noise in the dining room caught us off-guard
We all were alert, our consciousness' jarred

Nicole got up first to see what was wrong
Her scream reached us quickly, it didn't take long

Kevin went next, to see what she saw
And there was their cat, with a mouse in her paw

Bailey was proud, she had done some good work
But to toy with the mouse made her seem like a jerk

So the mouse was set free in spite of the cat
And it may seem the end, but this is not that

The creature was free to roam in the house
So one must step up to get rid of the mouse

And then Kevin went out to get a big cup
When he came back again I knew what was up

He cornered the rodent and asked me to help
'Cause no one can capture a mouse by himself

My job was to cut off the means of escape
I wish we had gotten this all down on tape

With nowhere to go the mouse fell for the scheme
It was taken outside through the back porch's screen

What started in panic ended with laughter
And the mouse just might live happily ever after

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