Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Scoop

Most people like ice cream. I won't make a crazy blanket statement saying that everyone loves it. I, for instance, like ice cream, but it's not my first choice when it comes to choosing desserts. I'm sure there are those among us who just don't like the stuff. I'm sure they have their reasons and I certainly won't judge. I mean, I don't like chocolate. Do I like it when people call me "crazy" or "un-American" for disliking chocolate? Would you?

I got off track. We're talking about people who like ice cream. In particular, we're talking about a 21-month-old that likes ice cream. Gabby was having trouble with lunch. She was enjoying herself: shoving pieces of hot dog and mandarin oranges into her mouth. She really wasn't chewing and swallowing, just stuffing and showing off. That's right, she likes to fill her mouth with food and then she likes to open her mouth to show us what she's got in there. I'm proud to say, that's a trick I taught her.

Her older sister made the mistake of walking over with her own ice cream cone. This got the wheels in Gabby's young head turning. Once ice cream was part of the equation, the rest of the food must be expelled and ignored. All of the hot dog and fruit that was yet to be swallowed had to come out to make room for the vanilla cone to come.

The problem, as we soon found out, is that Gabby doesn't quite grasp the concept of licking ice cream from the cone. Generally, when she has her ice cream, she is spoon fed. All can now agree that is a much cleaner method. She attempted to lick the ice cream, but it sort of resembled a dog lapping at water in a dish. She'd just kind of touch it with her tongue and not really get a lot accomplished. Since that wasn't work, she tried to suck on it, like she would her pacifier. That just meant that she would be wearing the ice cream.

Of course we know ice cream is meant to be eaten somewhat quickly. Not so fast that you get brain freeze, but fast enough so it doesn't melt. No one screams for vanilla soup. But a toddler also has difficulty grasping the concept of the effect of room temperature on a frozen substance. While left to her own devices, Gabby experienced dripping ice cream on her hands, her arms, her chin, her neck, and yes, even her hair. Whenever she turned her head, she failed to move the cone along with her mouth. She may have even gotten some in her ear. That has to feel good.

There's nothing like a sticky nap time.

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