Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ring

Yesterday I geeked out to give a brief history of the Green Lantern. All of that was to get to this post right here. I pose the question, to my dear readers, what color ring would choose you if you were to take part in this fictional War of Light?

Now, before you start latching on to a certain ring just because you like the color orange, hang on. First let me describe just what each color means in the emotional spectrum.

Red is the color that represents rage. To the right you see the character known as Atrocitus. If the Red Lanterns have a leader, he's probably it. Truth is, though, the Red Lanterns really have no organization to their organization. Each of them seems to be in it for themselves, driven mostly by a thirst for vengeance. Notice the spewage coming out of Atrocitus' mouth? That's basically how they fight. The red light replaces the blood in their veins and fills them with hate. It's kind of like turning to the Dark Side if we're going with Star Wars terms. Judging from the look on his face, I'd imagine being chosen by the red ring would be a pretty painful proposition. And you don't get the option to say no. The ring picks you and you're a hate-filled Red Lantern for the rest of your life. And it would probably be a short life from that point on.

Orange is the color of avarice, or greed. On the left you have the only actual Orange Lantern, Larfleeze. Also known as Agent Orange, Larfleeze is so greedy, he refuses to share the orange light with an actual corps, such as you'll find with the other colors. So if you're unlucky enough to be chosen by the orange light, don't expect to survive the experience. Larfleeze's Orange Lantern Corps are actually made up of light constructs taking the forms of those who were greedy enough to seek the orange light. Larfleeze eliminates his competition, then steals their identities, adding them to his orange army.

And now we come to the color yellow. This is the color that embodies fear in the universe. Pictured is the villain known as Sinestro. Years ago, he was called the greatest of the Green Lanterns, but he allowed his power to corrupt his motives. He used his ring as a means to become a ruthless dictator within his own sector of space. After being expelled from the Green Lantern Corps, he went on to find the yellow light and for a long time was the only wielder of the yellow power ring. Not long ago, he formed his own corps, the Sinestro Corps, a group bent on the destruction of the Green Lanterns. Their ranks are made up of those who have the ability to instill great fear in others. When this intergalactic army was being formed, a ring sought out Earth's Batman. He does tend to use a lot of scare tactics when dealing with the criminal element. Through that example, we were able to see that the yellow ring can be turned down. He rejected the ring through sheer force of will.

Which brings us to the color green, representing willpower. At the center of the spectrum, green is the most stable of the lights, and could be the easiest to control and/or manipulate. The Green Lantern Corps are run by the immortal Guardians of the Universe, a group of tiny blue men and women who are old and set in their ways. Basically, it's their way or the galactic highway. While Hal Jordan is the most famous of the Green Lanterns, there are in fact four Lanterns who represent Earth. Aside from Hal, they are John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner. While most view the Green Lanterns as the good guys, there are a number of places in the universe where they are seen as unwanted police, forcing the Guardians ideas of right and wrong on all of existence.

On the other side of the spectrum, we begin with the Blue Lanterns, symbolizing hope in the universe. The alien pictured above Hal Jordan is known as Saint Walker, the first of the new Blue Lantern Corps. To date, only two Blue Lanterns have been introduced. The selection process is quite tedious. Saint Walker was the first to be chosen. After his initial training period with two former Guardians of the Universe, he was sent out to find the second inductee, Warth. Once Warth's training is completed, he will seek out a third lantern, and so on. While their numbers are few, their power is great. When they are in close proximity to a Green Lantern, the Blue Lantern's ring becomes incredibly powerful. The two known Blue Lanterns have been witnessed reigniting a dying star, able to do so harnessing the collective hope of a doomed planet's vast population. The drawback? When there isn't a Green Lantern nearby, the Blue Lantern is capable only of flight and generating a force field in space, basic life support functions. The initial purpose of the Blue Lantern Corps is to act as a support system for the Green Lanterns. It is argued that one needs to have hope in order to strengthen one's will.

Next we have the mysterious Indigo Tribe. Very little is known about the people who harness this part of the emotional spectrum. All that is definite is that indigo represents compassion. It can be assumed that the Indigo Tribe will be viewed as a force for good in the universe, but that remains to be seen. The Tribe is somewhat of a primitive race which carries staffs rather than wielding rings.

Finally we come to the end of the visible spectrum with violet. Representing love, the Violet Lanterns are more commonly known as the Star Sapphires. Star Sapphire has long been a thorn/love interest for Hal Jordan. A woman named Carol Ferris became the Star Sapphire long ago. The force behind her power comes from a race known as the Zamarons, an off shoot of the Guardians who embraced emotion rather than turning their backs on it as the little blue men had. Being at the end of the emotional spectrum, it can be argued that the power of love can be just as unstable as the power of hate at the other end. However, the Zamarons are adamant that love can indeed conquer all.

And just when you thought your choices were finished, we come to the Black Lanterns, the reason for the upcoming Blackest Night. While being chosen by some of the other corps may lead to your eventual, inevitable death, being chosen by the black ring would mean that you are already dead. That's right, this corps is made up entirely of corpses. Fallen heroes and villains are expected to rise from their graves, bringing the War of Light to a tragic climax. It's unknown which of the colored corps will survive the Blackest Night, and which individuals will walk away unharmed.

Now you have the evidence presented. Don't think about which ring you would choose. Think about which ring would choose you. Which piece of the emotional spectrum do you think you would best represent? I know it's a lot to ask, requesting that my readers make comments below, but I'm genuinely curious on this one. Comment away...

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