Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have a recliner that I never sit in.

Okay, never is a big word, and somewhat inappropriate. There are times when I do actually sit in it, but those are rare times.

It's a very comfortable chair. It's overstuffed and even rocks. I'm fairly certain I could fall asleep in it if I was so reclined.

So why don't I sit in it on a regular basis? I really think it's the arrangement of the living room. The sofa is so perfectly positioned for all my needs. Plenty of lighting, close proximity to the coffee table, which keeps the remote, my laptop, and my cell phone within arm's reach.

If I had an end table, or something similar, that I could sit next to the recliner, maybe I'd sit over there more often. Then I'd have a place to set my drink without having to put the footrest down.

This brings me to another new thought. Man, I'm lazy...

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