Thursday, May 14, 2009

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LIII

Today I give you a tale of three customers.

1 - My very first customer this morning shared my last name. We shared a good laugh about that. After she left I thought that I should have asked if I could call her "Aunt Delores." Oh, hindsight.

2 - We have our share of crazy customers. They're the ones who you kind of want to hide from when you see them pull into the parking lot. Normally, they aren't really crazy. And then there's William Shakespeare. No, really, his name's William Shakespeare. He must have walked into our branch five times today, and each time he came in, I'm not sure he remembered that he had already spoken to us. He was telling all sorts of stories, ranging from how the government was spying on his bank account to his idyllic picnic with Marilyn Monroe. That picnic, by the way, happened yesterday around lunchtime. Yeah. Crazy.

3 - Finally, I feel I should tell you about a customer that was flirting with me today. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't strange. In fact, she had no business flirting with the likes of me. She was all kinds of out of my league. I mean, let's put aside the fact that she was gorgeous. At the age of 31, she owns her own very successful business. So that means she's physically and economically out of my league. I had no idea that she was flirting with me, or that I was flirting back, for that matter. It took another customer inside the lobby to point it out to me. So what do you think are the odds of a poor bank teller with no real clue where his life is going making it with a beautiful, successful business owner?

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