Monday, May 04, 2009

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LII

For a month I've been with my new branch. One of my manager's selling points on having me move was the numerous attractive young women who were walking distance away at NC State. Well, in that month, I have seen quite a few attractive young women. But there really hasn't been anyone that just blew my mind.

Until today...

Each day, sometime during that last hour of business, a local business owner comes to the drive-thru to drop off his deposit. Usually it's the owner himself. Occasionally he'll send one of his lackeys. Up until now, I thought the only trusted lackey was this fat kid with creepy glasses. To be honest, he kind of looks like a pedophile. The only thing missing is the van with tinted windows. I know, I'm judging. Well, I'm gonna judge again.

Today he sent a lackey that was a really hot girl. I won't go crazy and say she's the hottest girl I've ever seen. People who say that are almost always exaggerated. But it's possible that she's the hottest girl I've seen since working at this branch. But she made a deposit for the business. So I didn't even get her real name.

Not that I'd do anything with it anyway.

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