Thursday, May 21, 2009

Late Results

It's after midnight and I forgot to write something 'til just now. I know tonight was the American Idol finale, but I didn't want to write anything. I was sort of tired of the whole thing this year. But since I haven't written anything, here's a short version of what happened in the mostly pointless 2 hours.

To be fair, it was actually a pretty entertaining finale. Even the throw away Idol Awards were fairly entertaining. There were lots of guest performers, including but not limited to: Jason Mraz, Kiss, Rod Stewart, and Lionel Richie.

All of these things were designed to kill two hours, so that in the seven minutes past 10:00 would give us the results we've been waiting all season to find out.

In what could probably be described as a stunning upset, Kris Allen walked away the American Idol for season 8. It may not be that stunning though. I only say that because a lot of buzz has been following Adam Lambert most of the season. However, a lot of people just don't like his style of screaming. I mean, singing. So, chances are, anyone who voted for the other contestants all season voted for Kris last night.

In the past, when it's been a close race, Ryan has said the amount of votes separating the winner from the runner-up. He didn't even mention that sort of thing. I'm guessing it wasn't that close. Out of 100 million votes. Someone out there do the math that I'm not willing to do right now... Is that more than voted in the presidential election last year? Just curious.

Good night everybody.

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