Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last Tuesday night, after American Idol, I watched a show that really won't premiere until the fall. The name of the show? Glee.

For weeks, maybe months, Fox has been showing commercials for this new show. They managed to overload the airwaves with ads, probably making a lot of people sick of the show before it even began. That's not how it affected me. When a program showcases Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" so strongly, they must be doing something right.

So when the show finally came on, I was excited to see what it would be all about. After having seen an entire episode, I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. I had some good laughs, they had some good music, all in all a good experience. I suppose it could just turn into Fox's version of High School Musical. But it probably won't be quite that cheesy.

Watching it, though, did get me thinking about something that was made very obvious in the plot. Several of the characters were faced with the challenge of choosing to do what the loved or what was necessary. In the end, the protagonists stuck with singing and/or leading the glee club because it was something that made them happy. They felt like they were meant to do it.

All my life, I've loved to sing. It's nothing that I've ever considered myself good enough at to make a go of it as a career. It's not even something I'd want to made into a career. But it is something that I loved to do. I was in a couple choirs during college, and I've never gotten the same enjoyment out of singing as I did then. I've been in other choirs before and since, but nothing matched that.

But I haven't found anything to replace it either. Maybe that's a mistake. Shouldn't we all have something in our lives that we can say we love to do? Something that makes us smile. Something that we can do at the end of the day that will take away the stresses of work.

Maybe this is my way of telling myself I should just pick up my guitar again and entertain myself when I get home from work. I only know five or six chords, but they might just be enough to lift my spirits after a long day.

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