Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: 3

Tonight is the 300th episode of American Idol. Who would have known in that first season that this thing would last eight years? Never saw that coming.

Each contestant will sing two songs apiece: judges' choice and singers' choice.

Danny Gokey - Dance Little Sister
This is Paula's choice. It's a song that I'm not familiar with, but Danny's doing pretty good with it. He's definitely getting into it and looks like he's having fun with the song. I won't call this his best performance, but pretty good nonetheless. 4.

Kris Allen - Apologize
This is Randy and Kara's choice. Good of the judges to pick a song that gets way overplayed on the radio, so by the time we hear the contestant doing it, we're sick of it. When I say "we" I really mean "I." Despite hearing this song fifteen times a day for the last three months, Kris has done a really good job with it. He's behind the piano accompanying himself and plays well. 4.

Adam Lambert - One
Simon's choice. He starts off really mellow and I thought he might get through the song without screaming. I was wrong. I've said it before, I really think Adam is talented, but all of his songs seem to showcase that scream. If that's how his album is gonna be, I'm not gonna be rushing to iTunes to download it. Don't get me wrong, the song was still good. I'm just not a fan. 4.

Danny - You Are So Beautiful
I'm not the biggest fan of this song. But I think that's because I don't like hearing Joe Cocker's version when it's on the radio. I'm really liking this arrangement with the guitar and the strings section behind Danny. He has done an outstanding job with it. 5.

Kris - Heartless
Back behind the guitar, he starts out slow and a capella. He kicks it up a little when he starts accompanying himself. And it's just him and his guitar. I really think this is the kind of album that he could sell. This is the kind of concert I could see him doing. Just him and his guitar, unplugged style. Coffeehouses and college campuses beware. He did a really good job with it. 4.

Adam - Cryin'
Ah, an Aerosmith song. Think he'll be screaming on this one? I'd bet real money that he does. His back-up vocal has her mic turned up too loud. The mix isn't good. For a while you could hear her over him. Not the definition of background. Oh, and yeah, there's the screaming. Looks like some of you owe me a Coke. To me, this is just typical Adam fare. 4.

So how's it gonna go down tomorrow night? My guess is that Adam and Danny will be in the finale next week. We'll find out tomorrow.

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