Wednesday, April 01, 2009

American Idol: 9 becomes 8

I'm happy with the group song tonight. Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Good stuff. Still, obviously, pre-recorded. Next we get to see what the contestants go through during the week. Photo shoots, stupid Ford commercials, rehearsals. Good times. Hey, then they do really bad impersonations of each other.

Finally we get to some of the results. Megan stands. Matt stands. Kris stands. These three are sent to the far side of the stage. Adam stands. Lil stands. Allison stands. They are sent to the middle of the stage. Scott, Danny, and Anoop come down to the right side of the stage. Is one of the groups the bottom three.

David Cook, last year's idol, sings live and is presented with a platinum record. Back to the results. Ryan goes over to Kris and informs him that he is safe. Matt is safe, though he gets a little confused, thinking he has to take a seat on one of the stools, not the couch. Megan goes to the stools. So it looks like one out of each of these groups will be in the bottom.

Lil is up next and is safe. Ryan walks to Allison and tells her that she is in the bottom three. This means Adam is safe. In the final group of three, Ryan begins with Danny. He is safe. Ryan then walks Scott back to the couches and Anoop takes a walk to the stools.

I'm only 29, but this may be showing my age, who the crap is Gaga? I sure did fast forward through that. Back to the bottom three. Allison is immediately safe. Anoop is also revealed to be safe and Megan is going home. Well, she'll be singing for her safety. And she's not safe. 'Bout bloody time.

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