Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol: 8 becomes 7

I think I actually hate the results show. I really do. It's the same boring crap week after week.

In celebration of the year Simon was born, Frankie Avalon sang Venus from 1959. At first it was just a video, but then the real live Frankie hit the stage.

The group song came from American Idol's first year. But I can't remember the title of it. One thing I will say is I don't think they're lip synching tonight. I say that because it sounds awful.

We go behind the scenes of the stupid Ford commercial this week. Then we get to see the actual commercial. Just as lame as every week.

On to the results...
Adam, Kris, and Anoop all stand. Adam is safe. Kris is safe. Anoop is bottom three.

We take a break to hear a song from Flo Rida. This is another artist that I just don't keep up with. 'Cause I don't listen to the music the kids' are listening to these days. When did the music get to loud?

Back to the results...
Danny is safe. Matt is safe. Scott is bottom three. Allison and Lil stand. I'm guessing one of them is bottom three. And it's Lil.

Is this the first time I've gotten all the bottom three right this season? Feels pretty good.

Kellie Pickler provides a break in the action. And she really doesn't sound good. I hope the judges heckle her.

Lil is safe and sent back to the couch. Scott has the lowest number of votes, by a mere 30,000. He sings and does worse than last night. Good bye Mr. McIntyre.

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  1. Praise to The God. And congrats on nailing the bottom three.