Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol: 7 remains 7

So who's going home tonight? We're not gonna find out 'til we get through the stupid Ford commercial and crappy group song.

The group song, Maniac, is not pre-recorded for a change. It's obvious that it's not pre-recorded because it's just that awful. It's really bad.

Ryan begins revealing the bottom three by asking Allison to stand. She's safe. Adam is also safe. Anoop, however, is not. We'll find out who's joining him in the bottom three after a few messages from our sponsors. And a song from Jennifer Hudson.

Kris and Lil are both asked to stand. Simon finally gets the chance to tell Kris what he thought of his performance, describing it as brilliant. Lil joins Anoop in the bottom three. Matt and Danny are all that's left and both stand up. Matt's back in the bottom three. All of them have seen the bottom before.

Anoop is sent back to the couch and is safe. We'll find out if Lil or Matt are going home after Miley Cyrus performs the same song that she's been singing on live shows for the last three weeks. I'm actually a little tired of this song now. I guess I should avoid the Hannah Montana movie for awhile.

Matt's the one that's going home. Will the judges use the save? Simon said there was one that would possibly get the save and that person would be surprised they'd use it on them. And the judges use the save. Matt is not going home.

Next week is disco week. Next week we'll get rid of two people. Peace out kids.

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