Saturday, March 21, 2009

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode XLVII

Three in one week. Wow. A lot going on at the old bank these days.

For a while now, I've noticed one particular customer that frequents the drive through. I may be overstating things, but she might just be the most attractive woman I've seen in person. Seriously, all kinds of hot.

Now, this may be revealing that I do not do my job as thoroughly as the powers that be would like, but I'm gonna throw it out there anyway. You'll get it by the end.

On Saturdays, we do not open the drive through window. Thus, anyone who normally sits in their car for a transaction is forced to walk through our lobby and make actual eye contact with us. Today, the most attractive woman I've seen came inside. And she came to my window.

At first I was nervous. I mean, it's me we're talking about, so it's not as if I would have worked up the nerve to say anything to her that didn't have to do with the business at hand. Then I noticed the business on her hand.

The left hand in particular. That's right. Wedding band.

If it had been a scene in a movie, my eyes would have grown noticeably larger, and the camera would have zoomed in three times, each time accompanied by a loud booming sound. Very dramatic.

It really wasn't that dramatic. I just felt a twinge of guilt for still thinking she's hot. But do you get now why the powers that be may be disappointed with the thoroughness of my job performance? If I had been diligently looking at her account whenever she made deposits, I would have been noticing this whole time that she was a part of a joint account. With her husband. Yeah.

Just because I don't always see that important jewelry when she's sitting in her car doesn't mean I can't figure out that she's already married. Context clues, Peck!

I feel dirty. Like I've been hitting on some guy's wife. But it'll be okay. In a few weeks, I'll have forgotten she ever existed. 'Cause I'm going to a different branch. One that is frequented by NC State girls. That are single. Yeah.

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