Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Last Birthday

I turned 29 yesterday. Most of the day was just a typical Friday. I went to work, I got frustrated, I got fed up, and then six o'clock arrived.

I was picked up in the bank parking lot by the Greenes and our friends Jonathan and Angela. They then drove me out to my first experience at P.F. Chang's. I've heard from a number of people that this restaurant was really good. I disagree. It was kind of awesome.

I'm not the biggest fan of Chinese food, but there are a few dishes that I really do like. I usually stick with a sweet and sour chicken kind of thing, and since it's familiar, that's what I went with. I was impressed. Since it was my birthday, I was treated to one of those shot glass deserts, of the strawberry cheesecake variety. It had a candle in it. Good times.

Our original plan for the night was to see Watchmen after dinner. That plan fell through. Instead we went back to the Greenehouse and had a late night viewing of The Dark Knight. It's actually a good thing we didn't pay to see a movie. Jonathan and Angela ended up leaving halfway through the movie, and I nearly fell asleep during the rest of it. I may have actually dozed off once or thrice. I was probably snoring too. I'm told I do that.

All in all, it was a good night. It needed to be since it's the last time I'll celebrate my birthday. I'm 29 now. I'm thinking I'll have a hard time with 30 next year. I might surprise myself and be okay with it. But right now, hitting 30 feels like the point of no return. Adulthood or bust. At least right now, I feel like I can still get away with being mildly immature.

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