Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Greenehouse pays tribute to Aaron

For those wondering where Aaron disappeared to and why he left me in charge of his beloved blog, the answer is simple: Aaron took a trip to Bluefield this weekend and has no internet. This meant a call late Thursday night from a certain someone begging me to take his blog for two days until he returned. This was a huge request being that I have five kids and am so extremely busy but because I knew that he would do the same for me if ever I needed help, I accepted.

Today I decided that you, his readers, needed to hear from the Greenehouse our feelings about Aaron as he has spent much time incorporating us into many of his blog posts.

Over the past year, Aaron has spent countless hours as well as many a weekend hanging out with us and learning the ways of the Greene's. Enough time has been spent that he has officially become part of our family and truthfully when he is not around it is as if a part of our family is missing.

When Aaron is not doing laundry at our house (which he does about every two weeks unless he is visiting someone else with a laundry facility), you can often find him playing cards (Texas Hold Em, Rummy or Go Fish), Monopoly (in which he has been beaten by Makenaa) or watching one of our favorite shows with us. He doesn't just spend time hanging out with the "big" Greene's but helps to entertain the younger ones as well.

On more than one occasion, Aaron has tried to convince us that he does have friends other than the Greene's by faking a phone call. We know the truth(it's usually his mom) but play along anyway because we love him so much and don't want to hurt his feelings.
Family does that for one another!

Gabby LOVES Aaron and I am pretty certain that he is a bit partial to her as well. Pretty much like the rest of us, he gives her what she wants. We all are having to learn to tell her no but it's a process. She's so darn cute! Truly, could you resist that face?

There is never a dull moment when Aaron is around. Though the kids can annoy him at times, he has this way of bringing out the fun side of their personalities. Aaron doesn't take life TOO seriously and in his time with us, he has taught us all to relax just a little.

Anyone who knows Aaron knows that he loves Superman but not nearly as much as he loves us.
True Story!! (one of the many Aaronisms that has invaded our home)

In all honesty, we love Aaron as much as he loves us and he has become a part of our family. He happened to mention to us that he might move away and truly, the very thoughts left us wondering exactly what we would do without Aaron.
Life just wouldn't be the same.

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