Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Part III Results

Once again, we have an hour long show to do something that requires about five minutes to do. Tell three people they've made it, tell nine that their dreams have just been shattered.

Instead, we start out with the stuff we've already seen. How did this group of 12 get to where they are now? Oh, right, a rerun montage. I'm glad they're showing us this, 'cause I sure haven't been paying attention to this stuff for the last eight weeks.

After the montage, we get the group sing-along: Katy Perry's Hot and Cold. I sure hope the top 12 are able to gel better than these top 36 groups have done. I wonder if it was a challenge to choreograph something involving a blind guy. There is an awful lot of sitting down going on.

Now we get another recap. What happened last night? This isn't going to change my mind about any of them. The ones I thought were good were still good. The ones I thought were bad were still bad. So Ryan then asks a few of the contestants how they feel about last night; how they feel tonight.

Lil is asked to stand and is the first to be sent to the stools tonight. After she sings once more, the results continue. Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall, and Scott are all asked to stand. As a teaser, Ryan says that one of them is in the top 12 before sending us to commercial.

Back from the break, Seacrest begins with Arianna. She's asked to sit back down. Next up is Taylor. And she's next down. Then Alex receives the bad news. Kendall and Scott are both asked to stand. Scott is the one that's going through to the top 12.

After Scott sings and another break, Nathaniel and Kristen are asked to stand in place. Both are quickly asked to sit back down. Von and Felicia stand up next, then they're back down. Finally we come down to Ju'not and Jorge. Jorge is the one that's through. As if there was any doubt.

So at this point, we have nine of the twelve. Now we come to the wild card round. Each of the four judges will choose two of the eliminated contestants. There will be eight to perform next week for another chance.

Randy's first choice is Von Smith. Kara's first pick is Jasmine Murray. Paula goes with Ricky Braddy. Simon chooses Megan Corkery. The final four choices are Tatiana (that's totally messed up), Matt Giraud, Jesse Langseth, and Anoop Desai.

Okay, you can't possibly tell me that the judges actually chose Tatiana to come back for the Wild Card round. Seriously? Randy's the one that announced that call. You can't tell me that Randy chose her, out of the other, much more talented people that they could've picked. The producers made that call, I have no doubt. The judges made that decision because the producers think she makes good TV. The producers think she is overdramatic and will make a spectacle of herself. The producers are the ones that sign the judges' paychecks. We do what the producers want.

I may have to write my contact at the N&O and let her know that if Tatiana makes the top 12, I'm not gonna be able to write for their blog anymore because I won't be watching the show anymore. Blurg.

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