Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol: 13 becomes 11

It's a double elimination round and there's some new twist that I missed at the end of last night's episode. Since it ran over, my DVR didn't catch it all. I hope the producers had a talk with the judges about keeping their comments to a minimum. That's what makes the show go over time. And what was the deal with Paula last night? Someone should tell her wait 'til about 2 hours before bedtime to take the Ambien.

The new rule is the judges' save. Up until the top five, the judges can save one contestant from elimination just once. The decision must be unanimous among the judges. If the judges use the save in one week, no one will be eliminated, but the next week, two people will be eliminated. The save can be used only once during the season.

We caught a glimpse of where the Idols are staying. Nice place. I think I'll get a summer place like that someday. We are then treated the top 13 singing the Jackson 5's I Want You Back. After that, we have the recap from last night. Again, kind of pointless, but we do need to fill an hour here.

Ford commercial is as lame as ever. We'll get to see ten more of those. Can't wait. Now let's get to the results. Up first is Michael Sarver. He's the first one who's safe. Alison Iraheta stands up. She is also safe. Jasmine Murray is asked to walk down to the center of the stage. She's the first of the bottom. I didn't see that coming.

Matt Giraud stands up and seems eager to get to center stage. Instead he's asked to sit back down. He's safe. Kris Allen is asked to keep standing while Megan is asked to stand next to him. Kris is safe, Megan is in the bottom as well. Of these two, one is safe, the other is eliminated (unless the judges do that save thing). Megan is asked to sit back down. Jasmine sings I'll Be There once more as a way to convince the judges to save her. After she sings, the judges decide that America made the right choice and she'll be going home.

I skipped the Kanye West performance. After that we get back to some of the results. Scott is safe. Alexis is safe. Danny is safe. Duh. Anoop walks to the stage. Adam is safe. Jorge and Lil both stand up. Jorge is the one going to the center of the stage to stand with Anoop. Duh. After the break, we'll find out which one is going home (barring a save from the judges).

Kelly Clarkson comes out and has a conversation with Ryan, then sings her new song. Nicole wants me to mention that her wardrobe is horrendous. She also doesn't like the song, which is titled My Life Would Suck Without You. Back to Anoop and Jorge. Anoop is safe. Jorge sings again, and sounds worse than he did last night. The judges decide not to use the save on him either.

I was way off this week. I thought for sure it would be Anoop. I'm gonna have to pay better attention next week.

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