Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol: 11 becomes 10

I usually get fed up with the results shows each week. I don't know how many different ways to say that in this blog. Most of the hour is pointless filler. On the plus side, Carrie Underwood is gonna be on the show tonight. I think that makes it bearable.

After another pointless recap of last night's performance, the eleven sing Trouble. Pretty sure they were lip-syncing that one. I guess I could be wrong, but it seemed pretty obvious to me that was the case.

Have you ever wondered what happens after the elimination show? Neither have I. But the producers decided that it would be a good way to kill some time tonight. Not sure why, they've got two more performances happening tonight with Brad Paisley and then a duet with Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood.

Now we begin pulling out the bottom 3. Danny is first to stand up. He is safe. Lil is up next. She is also safe. I know I said last night that she would be bottom three, but I really didn't mean it. I knew she would have enough votes to keep her safe. Anoop stands and is safe as well. His performance last night was hugely redemptive. Allison and Michael stand together. My guess is one of them is safe, the other is in the bottom. I'm thinking it's Michael. Ha! It's both of 'em. Didn't see that coming.

Before we continue with the results, we get to hear from Brad Paisley. After another break we find out that Scott is safe. Megan is safe. Matt is safe. Kris is safe. All these that are safe are in the top ten and are therefore going on tour this summer. Alexis and Adam both stand. Alexis is the one who's in the bottom. I find that hard to believe. I mean, did you even see Adam's performance last night? Creepy doesn't even begin to describe it. Right away, they send Allison back to the couch as the safe one.

Before we get the final reveal, Carrie Underwood will sing. Oh, and Randy Travis is with her. I'm pretty sure I could marry that girl. Pretty sure. I can't make this as suspenseful as they do on TV. Believe it or not, Michael is safe. Alexis sings the same song all over again. That might be worse than last night. And this is what's supposed to convince the judges to save her. And it wasn't good enough for the save. Next week the top ten will perform.

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