Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol: 10 becomes 9

Another mind-numbing hour filled with pointless rhetoric and ridiculous attempts at suspense. As is the case each week, we're treated to the good and bad of last night. After this, the group sing-along is a medley of Motown hits. Anyone else catch that this performance was obviously not live?

Before we get to any results, we get to see another stupid Ford commercial, followed by season 2 winner, Ruben Studdard. Here come the bottom three: Matt (kinda shocked by that), Michael (not a surprise), and... then we have to wait until after Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone perform a duet.

The third person to be in the bottom tonight is Scott (didn't see that coming, but whatever). But Scott is sent right back over to the couch, he's safe.

We have a third performance tonight, from Stevie Wonder. We're back to Michael and Matt as the bottom two. Michael is the one with the lowest number of votes. Will the judges save him? I would say no. After a bunch of deliberation and pointless time wasting, Simon decides to send him home. I say Simon because no one else wanted to make the call. Good for you, Cowell. Good for you.

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