Saturday, February 21, 2009

Charlotte Aftermath

Okay, yes, I was in Charlotte nearly a week ago, and I'm just now doing the clean up. I'll start on a high note: on the drive back to Wake Forest, my little car passed the 150,000 mile mark. She's all grown up.

Now, a little lower...

Andy let me borrow the key to the apartment while I was there so I could come and go as I pleased. Tuesday, before I left town, I met him for lunch and had planned to return his key to him. Alas, I left after lunch having forgotten to pull the key out of my pocket.

I didn't realize I had made this blunder until I crossed the Wake Forest boundary. So I called him, apologized, and told him I'd get the key back to him. He called me back saying that they weren't allowed to make a copy of Chrissy's key and that a lost key would constitute a $40 fee.

So I told Andy that I would drop the key in the mail the very next day, hoping that it would arrive by today, Saturday. About five minutes ago, I received a phone call from my good friend in Charlotte. I was expecting it to be a quick "thanks" for sending the key back in such a timely manner.

Unfortunately, the phone call was nothing but bad news. Apparently it would have been a good idea to wrap the key in some paper or to send it in a padded envelope. Sadly, these thoughts never crossed my mind as I dropped it in a regular envelope and put it in the mail. The Berrys check their mail and found my envelope, minus the key. At some point in shipping, the key gained enough momentum to tear its way out of the paper envelope and is now lost somewhere between here and there.

I feel quite stupid right now. And I'm sure I'll have to live through this tale again and again for about 20 years.


  1. Will you now be sending a check for $40?

  2. I offered, but Andy said not to worry about it. But if I find out that they had to pay for a locksmith to come out and change the locks, I'm going to insist on giving some sort of restitution.