Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol: Top 36 - Week One Results

These titles are beginning to be a mouthful. Gonna have to do something about that. I'll save it for next week.

So they're gonna take an hour to choose the top three of these twelve contestants. This means there will be a lot of fluff to wade through before the nail biting suspense filled ending. Of course we begin with the obligatory "ask the judges what they thought." Not that they had the opportunity to air their grievances during last night's show.

Uh, you know what, this is why the DVR is such a blessing. I'm going to fast forward through the recap of last night. This 12 sings a group song. They're doing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours and I'm not all that impressed. I hope the group sing-alongs get better when the top twelve is finally put together.

As we get down to business, Casey is invited to the stage. I'm gonna interject an opinion here. She's kinda hot. But I don't think that's enough to get her a top three spot. According to America's vote, she's not in the top 12. To the stage next is Stephen. He is also not in the top 12.

Alexis is up next. After talking with coworkers and thinking more about last night's performances, it seemed more likely that she would be the top female votegetter than Jackie would. So I was off on that one last night, but I changed my mind today. Alexis is the first to make the top 12.

Ricky and Jackie come to center stage. Neither of them are top 12. Anoop does not make it, but Michael does. We now have two of our finalists.

After welcoming back Carly Smithson and Michael Johns from last season, we get back to results with Anne Marie, Brent, and Stevie. Of course, none of them are headed to the next round. This leaves us with Danny and Tatiana. I'm sorry, but Tatiana's got to know she doesn't stand a chance. I bet she cries again. Wait, she's already crying. The drama queen needs to stop fixing her hair, it's not gonna help at this point. And Danny is in the top 12.

Well, I got one of the three right. I'm thrown off by trying to pick the top three instead of the bottom three. But don't worry if your favorites didn't make it this week. Some of these folks will probably be back for the wild card episode. Not sure how they're picking those wild cards, but I'm sure we'll find out in a few weeks. Next week we'll get to hear from 12 more contestants.

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