Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol: Top 36, Week 2

Jasmine Murray - Love Song
She was the most talented of the "diva" group, and that was shown as she was the only one to make it past that round. It sounds like there are some pitch issues going on with her tonight though. Toward the end of the song it seems like she's gotten more comfortable in it. Overall, though, I'll say a 3.

Matt Giraud - Viva La Vida
I do like this song, but I'm not sure I'm liking this guy's interpretation of it. I get the importance of wanting to come out and make a song your own, but you've got to do it the right way. Some of these folks hit the stage and change the nuances just because they think they can. I'm sorry, but there's a lot about what he's doing to this song that just isn't working. Not even a little. 1.

Jeanine Vailes - This Love
Shaky start gets shakier as she goes on. She talked about how she wanted to do a song that she loves, but nothing about her singing this song sounds like she's even heard it before. This has another 1 written all over it. So far the second group isn't showing me anything to be too impressed about.

Nick Mitchell - You're Gonna Love Me
I could be wrong on that song title. I don't recognize it. Is it just me or does it just seem like he's making fun of the entire competition? All kinds of awful. Can I go lower than a 1 with this guy? 1.

Allison Iraheta - Alone
She's got a really mature voice. She sounds much older than a 16-year-old. She gets a little loud once she hits the chorus. She's supposed to get louder on the chorus, but it's a little big on the verge of screaming. She gets a 4.

Kris Allen - Man in the Mirror
It wasn't bad. It wasn't great. He showed a lot of personality as he sang and showed that he has the talent to be where he's at in this point in the competition. 3.

Megan Joy Corkrey - Put Your Records On
She's not doing a bad job singing the song, but she looks kind of awkward standing there. It's as if she's not sure what to do with herself as she sings. Her motions are kind of spastic and unnatural. Overall I would say it was an average performance. 3.

Matt Breitzke - If You Could Only See
Starting off he seems a bit off tempo. Either he catches up or the accompaniment does, then it starts sounding pretty good. While the vocal is good, there seems to be a disconnect between himself and the song. 3.

Jesse Langseth - Bette Davis Eyes
Before she starts, I don't see this going well. Maybe it's just 'cause I don't like this song. For the most part, she sounds like a Memorex copy of the original song. Toward the end she throws in her own thing with it, but I don't think it works. Not the worst we've heard tonight, but it's a 2.

Kai Kalama - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
He had a pretty rough Hollywood week. I was actually surprised that he made the top 36. Tonight he's kind of redeeming himself a bit. He's doing pretty well. Best guy of the night so far. 4.

Mishavonna Henson - Drops of Jupiter
This is the girl that hit Hollywood in season 7, but got cut. This is a bad song choice. That must be the theme of the night with most of these kids. They think that just because they pick a song that they really like, they're gonna sound great singing it. That's rarely the case. Certainly not the case here. 2.

Adam Lambert - Satisfaction
Starting out I wasn't sure about this. He started out slow and mellow. But he definitely kicks it up a notch or two when he gets into it. I think they saved the best for last yet again this week. 5.

My call for tomorrow's top three are Adam, Allison, and Kai.


  1. Aaron, I love your American Idol reviews!!! I like watching the show and then seeing what you think because you're so matter-of-fact with your summaries. Great picks on the voting, they were my picks of the night too. Seeing as I can't vote out of the country, I'll just go with yours.

  2. Yeah, most of these kids KILLED themselves with these song choices. I thought the ladies (towards the middle and end) were way better than the guys, though. I actually agreed with the judges and hope that Matt makes it through in spite of his song choice, because he's really been one of my favorites from the beginning.
    I really liked Allison, but I think I liked Megan more. . . despite the crazy gyrations. She cute and funky. Great voice. Perfect song choice. The only one of the evening.
    I also really liked Mishavonna during Hollywood, so I'd like to see this week not ruin her, but we're already above 3, so . . .
    What? Did I just write my OWN blog about AI as a comment on YOUR blog. My bad.
    P.s. You're Gonna Love Me is the song that made Jennifer Hudson a star in Dream Girls.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up on the Jennifer Hudson song. I'm a little behind tonight, so I need to catch up on the results...

  4. Sho. . . and you got 2/3. I was disappointed to see Megan and Matt go. It was a hard night for me.