Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Week 2 Results

We begin with the traditional tongue in cheek banter between Simon and Ryan, then quickly move on to the obligatory recap of where this group of 12 has come from and what they've been through thus far.

As a group, they perform Closer. As a group, they're not bad. In the close-ups, however, you can read the lips and see the missed lyrics.

Next we get to rehash the debacle that was last night's episode. I'm never sure why they show this recap stuff. The votes are already tallied. We can't rewatch the clips that they're showing us and then change our minds about who we chose to vote for.

We are reminded that Danny, Alexis, and Michael are all in the top 12. Then Seacrest calls Allison to the stage. As the first one called on, this usually means the kiss of death. Doesn't look good for me since she's one of the ones I picked to be top three. Man, I must be slipping. Allison is asked to stand to the side and Jesse is called over. Jesse then stands next to Allison. Matt B. is then invited to center stage. He then goes to stand with the ladies. One of these three will be in the top 12. HA! I was right! So far I'm one for one!

Allison sings Alone once again as we head to commercial. Upon returning, Megan and Kris join Ryan. After asking them how they feel, he asks them to move to the side. Matt G. and Jeanine then leave the cheap seats to get grilled, as if it's a good time for them to second guess themselves. Of these four, one will go through to the next round. I didn't pick any of these, so this means I'm one for two on the night. Of these four, I hope it's Megan. It's not Jeanine. It's not Matt. It's not Megan. Kris Allen is number 5 in our top 12.

After another break, we get a rerun of the American Idol retrospective that covers the first seven seasons. I guess they couldn't come up with anything new or original to fill time this week. I guess they really didn't last week either since Carly and Michael sang a song that they had sung together last season. Oh no, I spoke too soon. Performing tonight is last season's Brooke White singing Hold Up My Heart, a song which she co-wrote. And hey, she didn't get a couple measures in then ask to start over.

Five contestants remain tonight, four contestants will be going home. The final five line up on stage. Mishavonna, Kai, and Jasmine are all sent back to their seats. This leaves us with Guy Smiley... I mean Norman Gentle... I mean Nick and Adam. Of course Adam is the one to make it through. So I was two for three tonight. Better than my picks for last week.

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