Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Idol: Hollywood, Part 3

This is the end of the Hollywood round of American Idol. If you're interested in reading what I had to say about parts 1 and 2 of Hollywood, go here and here for my blog at the News & Observer.

As for tonight, it's back to the Kodak Theater where 72 remaining hopefuls will be apart of this year's top 36. Tonight the contestants will be given another chance to sing by themselves. This time they can sing with a band, back-up singers, and if they choose, their own personal instrumentals.

After they randomly drew numbers, they go in order from 1 to 72. Lucky number one goes to Adam Lambert who sings Cher's Believe. But he puts a different spin on it. It's not that techno number that came out in the 90s. Tonight, we get no feedback from the judges after the songs. They keep their thoughts to themselves and separate the good from the mediocre after all is said and done.

The next contestant that we see is Matt Giraud, a talented pianist found in the Louisville auditions. He accompanies himself on the keyboard while singing Georgia. He's actually pretty good with it. Jamar Rogers is up next with Hey There Delilah. While he's done really well in past performances, I have to say I'm not that impressed with this one. He's not bad, but I'm not sure that would be the one to send him over the edge with the judges. His best friend Danny Gokey is next with his take on I Hope You Dance. Knowing this guy's story and seeing how talented he's been in his performances thus far, I'd kind of like to see him win it all.

After a break we see UNC's Anoop Desai and Puerto Rico native Jorge Nunez. Both of them do very well. Scott McIntyre is finally given some screen time. We haven't seen him since his initial audition. He's given the chance to show off his skills behind the piano as he plays and sing's Daughtry's Home.

The first female competitor of the day was Kendall Beard singing a little Carrie Underwood. After her is 16-year-old Stevie Wright and then single mom Lil Rounds. Kristen McNamara, who was at the center of a great deal of drama on group day, is trying pretty hard to stay strong in her last chance to compete. We next see Mishavonna Henson who made it to the second day of Hollywood in season 7 before she was cut. This year she's made it to day four. Will she make it further?

Tatiana Del Toro has been consistent throughout the competition. When I say consistent, I mean consistently obnoxious. In the same room with Tatiana are Alexis Grace, Kenny Hoffpauer, and Jasmine Murray. It's sad though, because those three are actually really good. So if they get through, so does Tatiana. If Tatiana doesn't, neither do those three actually talented people. Nathaniel Marshall is also in the same room. You'll remember Nathaniel as a part of that same drama-ridden group involving Kristen McNamara and fallen idol Nancy. Joanna Pacitti's nerves got the best of her and she flubbed her lyrics, as did Casey Carlson. Behind the piano, Stephen Fowler loses himself a bit. He asks for a second chance and the judges give it to him. He messes up yet again. This doesn't say much for room number two.

Tatiana has been removed from the second room. What will this mean? For Nick Mitchell's final performance, he came out, once again, as Norman Gentle. I just have to shake my head in slight shame. He seems to be a crowd favorite though. The judges have made their decisions and all of the contestants are placed into four separate rooms. Contestants look around at the people surrounding them and wonder if that's a good or bad sign for the room that they're in. By the way, Tatiana is shoved into room four. Her new roommates look to be displeased by this particular turn of events.

The way I see it, you've gotta have some bad folks in the rooms that make it through. Otherwise, would they have anyone to eliminate tomorrow night when they follow people up the elevator?

Paula, Kara, and Randy stroll into room 2 first. While they make it sound like two will be ending the journey, turns out they're through to the next round. Room 3 is not so lucky. This means saying good-bye to folks like Leneshe Young and Nick Castro, who was apparently not as good as his brother.

Room 1 anxiously waits. In here we have Danny Gokey and Casey Carlson among others. Of course they're through. Along with them we get more Anoop Desai and Scott McIntyre. What will this mean for room 4? Tatiana is freaking out before they even make their announcement. This just makes me hope they give the room a no, even though there are a few in there that I'd like to see keep going. Oh well, they got through.

This just means they've got more people to eliminate tomorrow. I'm on the edge of my seat. As is the world.

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