Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spare Key

Since I moved into the new place, I've given thought to having a spare key made. Of course it would go to the Greenes in case of some sort of crisis.

However, the more I've thought about having this extra key made, the less it's made sense. The most obvious reason to give someone a spare key is so they can let you in if you get locked out. It would be impossible for me to ever be locked out of my apartment. See, the only lock on the door is a deadbolt that must be locked with a key. So if I'm able to lock it from the outside, I should obviously be able to unlock it.

I suppose I could accidentally drop the key and have it slide under the door after locking it. But the odds of that happening are probably a few trillion to one. I mean, the door key is on a key ring with half a dozen other keys. No way that thing's getting under this or any other door.

But then there are the other catastrophes that only we single folks think about. I'm sitting alone in my apartment, eating some tasty treat, watching a particularly funny episode of 30 Rock, and suddenly my laughter turns to gasps for breath. I grab my throat to show the universal sign for choking, but there's no one around to see it. Eventually I pass out from lack of oxygen and am left to rot on my living room floor.

Or another scenario: I get ready to step out of the shower but slip on the wet floor. I frantically reach for the shower curtain, but it tears from the rod under my weight. I crack my head on the porcelain of the toilet. Disaster can strike at any moment. In any room of the house.

The Greenes usually hear from me about once a day. I'm sure they would get suspicious when I didn't make that one annoying phone call on my way home from work. My neighbors start to smell something odd from apartment 215. The Greenes come to investigate, but I've never given them a spare key. My once great apartment has now become a really awesome tomb.

Maybe I should go get that spare key made after all.

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