Thursday, January 15, 2009


For the first time since I moved into my new apartment, I spent the entire day here. I didn't leave even once. Not even to go check my mailbox. I should probably do that.

Now, you're probably picturing some guy sitting around in the same clothes he slept in, greasy hair sticking up, two days of growth on his face, flies buzzing around his head. I'll have you know I showered. And shaved. Pretty early this morning as a matter of fact.

It was my day off work. So did I take advantage of this rare opportunity to sleep in? Of course not. My accursed internal clock woke me up at 7am. Actually, I woke up the first time at 6, but that's just insane.

And what have I done with my clean-shaven, freshly-showered self all day? I did some reading. I did some writing. I played some Playstation and got angry enough to want to throw the controller at the screen when I kept losing at NCAA Football 09. Thankfully I maintained some self-control. That would be a pretty expensive TV to replace.

Do you know that Netflix lets you watch movies online? Well, I watched My Girl today for the first time in probably over a decade. And that's probably the only movie that's ever made me cry every time I've seen it. So yeah, I cried today too. It's that part where she runs down to the coffin and asks where his glasses are. It gets to me every time.

I know this isn't the glamorous blog post that you all like to see on here, but there was nothing glamorous about my day today. I could have easily made something up, but I'd hate to be thought of as a liar. Again.

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  1. OMG....that part gets me everytime too....i love that movie...and the 2nd one!!!