Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol: Louisville Auditions

Tonight the auditions are taking place at historic Churchill Downs. Do we have any sure bets tonight? The parents of Tiffany Shedd believe that their daughter is. Doubt it. She said she was gonna keep a positive attitude if the judges said no. She sure didn't.

The next contestant, Joanna Pacitti also brought a doting mother. So far tonight, that's not necessarily a good sign. The mother of the last girl was just as delusional as the contestant herself. She sings, and looking at Simon, it appears he just picked his winner. She's definitely going to Hollywood. She's definitely top 24 material.

Okay, Mark Mudd doesn't have a lot going for him. For one thing, his great-grandfather is the man who gives us the origin of the term "his name is mud." He's the doctor that treated John Wilkes Booth for a broken leg after he assassinated President Lincoln. Good family, the Mudds. Wow, this guy is rough. He's awesome. I might have to rewind the DVR and listen to Mudd again.

Brent Keith Smith comes out singing Can't Get Enough of Your Love. After a lot of pointless deliberation amongst the judges, he gets a yes and moves on to the next round. Next we have a few really bad contestants including some dude with his face painted and a rather obese gentleman in a top hat singing Billy Jean. Good times.

Matt Giraud is a piano player who has a pretty good, unique voice. Simon, again, harps on someone's confidence. But he still sends him through. The suggestion is that he just come to Hollywood with a little more confidence.

Ross Plavsic is apparently the king dork of the universe. He is very appropriately suited up for the audition. He really didn't sing well. He tried drinking some of Paula's water. Didn't help. His majesty, the king of the dorks, took the rejection very well. See ya Ross. That's the end of day one.

Day two gives us Alexis Grace, a single mom from Memphis. She's singing some Aretha and is actually pretty good. Not sure about being top 24 material, but definitely good. Hollywood bound. Aaron Williamson is a hometown boy who's hoping to do good. He's singing Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Uh, not so good. Kinda loud. Kinda over the top. But definitely not in a good way. Dude, are you singing or are you screaming? I really hope that's a no.

Rebecca Garcia is singing a song by my favorite past winner. And I'm very disappointed. The new judge, Kara, kinda gives her a really hard time and makes her cry. It's almost expected that Simon will make someone cry, poor kid. But she's really not good. There's no way she should make it to Hollywood. Again, the parents should be to blame.

We get a lot of backstory from Lanisha Young. They make us like these people and hope they make it, but then sometimes they get in there and suck. I hope that's not the case with this girl. She's had it rough. Luckily she gets in here and actually sings very well.

In all 19 contestants are sent to the next round. Next Tuesday they'll be in Jacksonville, Florida. And next Tuesday I'll begin blogging for the News & Observer. I'll be sure to give you a link.


  1. Good luck at the N&O.

    I've just recently started reading your blog. Its good stuff, real good stuff. I truly appreciate good sarcasm when I read it...and I've found it within. Even if there is a lie or two.

  2. I teach with Brent Keith's wife!