Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Packing Up

I hate moving. It's a pain. But it's a necessary evil. After 16 months living in a duplex and paying rent to the seminary, I'll be moving into a proper apartment, paying rent to some property owning corporation.

For the month of December, I technically have two homes. I'm in the duplex until the end of the year, and I've already signed the lease and paid rent for the new place. The huge plus to paying two rents in one month is that I can take my sweet time in moving. I don't have to set aside a single day in which I have to panic and have everything out of the old place so I can finally settle into the new. No, I have an entire month in which to get my stuff from one home to the next.

So I'm sitting here on my sofa and I'm noticing how things are already disappearing. Books are vanishing from shelves. An ungodly amount of DVDs has taken up temporary residence in plastic storage containers. Pictures are coming off the walls, leaving holes and empty space in their wake.

This place is going to start looking really sad in the next week or so. I guess the only thing I need to make a real plan with is the furniture. Anyone got a truck and a strong back? Oh, and are you willing to loan the use of said truck and strong back? At some point I'll have two sofas, a recliner, an entertainment center, three bookshelves, two dressers, a desk, and a bed that will need to be moved. Now that I've written it all down, that seems like a lot. It's really not though. When I moved in, it was just myself, Mark, Brandon, and Kara that did all the heavy lifting. We had this place loaded up in about 90 minutes, and that included all the boxes of books and movies. Those will already be at the apartment. So, who's with me? If you act now, I'll throw in pizza on the day of the move. That's right. Food. Who wants to turn down that kind of paycheck?


  1. If I had a a mass particle transport system I would be there

  2. Check out Brandy Campbell's facebook

  3. My husband has a truck, but neither of us have particularly strong backs. And Leo is pretty uptight about proper handling, loading, etc. of his truck. But perhaps we could work something out. . . like a work exchange. . . since we're ALSO moving this month.
    Or maybe we could both just NOT help each other and do our own moving in each other's name. =)

  4. SG2 - If you had a mass particle transport system, you wouldn't have to be here. You could just punch in the proper coordinates and it'd be done.

    Erynn - I did think about you and Leo while I was moving some boxes yesterday. Just wondering how the process has been going for you guys. Slow but steady wins the race.