Thursday, December 04, 2008

An Outing

I have the day off today, as I do all my Thursdays. It's a nice arrangement, I'll admit. I'm sure it's a temporary one, but I enjoy it while I can. I decided to be productive with my day off: packing more of my things and ferrying them over to the new apartment.

In the 16 months that I've been living in Wake Forest, I've been receiving monthly shipments of comic books from the shop back at home. It keeps the geek in me happy. Don't make fun. Anyway, as I was packing this morning, I realized that all those comics that have come in the last year have no place for storage. They've just been sitting in a stack on a bookshelf. So this means I had to seek out a comic book shop that would sell me a storage box. If nothing else, I need to transport these things to the new place.

So for the first time, I did an online search for a local comic store. Lo and behold, I found one. It's about a twenty minute drive from Wake Forest, but it's the closest I could find. I don't think this means I'll end the arrangement I have with the folks back home. But at least I know there's one in Raleigh if I need it. Those are my people.

And, driving to the store, I passed by a place that I've never been before. In the time that I've lived here, I've never been to the Crabtree mall. According to Nicole, the mall on this side of town is bigger, but the stores at Crabtree are better. They have a Disney Store. They have a Cheesecake Factory! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now, I've never been to a Cheesecake Factory, but I've heard good things. I've heard they have everything. I've heard that's not an exaggeration.

Okay, I've wasted enough time. Now it's time for me to get back to the packing and moving.


  1. i'm starting to think that you live in a hole.

    never been to a cheesecake factory???


    j "you need to get out more" h

  2. I do live in a hole. I'm trying to get out of it. I'm so close I can almost taste it.