Saturday, December 06, 2008


Dear Santa,

I know I haven't written in a long time. I'm horrible about keeping up with people. First, how've you been? How's the Mrs? Things still running smoothly in the workshop? I hope things are going well.

I've been busy for the last 20 or so years. I mean, there's been a whole lot of school and work going on. But I'm sure you understand that. I mean, you stay busy all year making toys and all. Wait, what do you do the rest of the year? I mean, we only hear about the Christmas Eve adventures. I do notice that kids seem to forget you're watching until about Thanksgiving. Then they turn into angels.

I don't want this to turn into a crazy "I want, I want" letter. I know that's all you ever get. But I'm sure it will turn into something like that. I won't ask for anything lofty like world peace or eternal happiness. But I would like to request a moment of peace and limited happiness. Not for the world at large, but at the very least for my friends and family. Christmas is a very hectic time of the year. As much as we try to remind ourselves that it's about celebrating Christ's birth and about sharing time with loved ones, we still get caught up in the commercialism of it all. So if that week between Christmas and New Year's Day could be slightly peaceful, that'd be great.

I kind of think of that song that Amy Grant did, Grown Up Christmas List. I'm sure you've heard it. That's kind of what I'd like to ask for. But I can't remember all the lyrics, so I won't go into that. But if you turn on one of about a thousand radio stations, I'm sure you'll hear it at some point. A lot of them are playing Christmas music 24/7.

On a more personal note, I would like The Dark Knight on Bluray.

I would also like a full-time job. I don't know if that means I'd like it to be with the company I'm currently with or if it's with someone else. Either way, it would be nice.

Finally, I'd like to have all my things moved to the new apartment by Christmas. Maybe it's a lot to ask, but could it be done with some of that magic you're always bragging about? I don't much like the heavy lifting.

And so I don't come off sounding so selfish, is there anything you would like this year? Cookies? Pie? Tall glass of milk? Carrots for the reindeer? Let me know. Hope to hear from you before Christmas Eve!


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  1. I don't think Santa likes the heavy lifting either...have you seen that guy lately? If you ask me, he could stand to fast from cookies for a season or two.