Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode XL

I haven't been feeling 100% for the last few days. I'm fighting off the beginning stages of what I'm sure will develop into a full-blown cold. I'm pessimistic about my chances of fighting this infection, because I'm never quite sure how to put a halt to things once the sore throat stage sets in. Once I begin feeling that, it seems inevitable that the sneezing and coughing are not far behind.

Yet I try. Since Sunday night I have been on a strict regimen of Ny-Quil and Day-Quil. I've found that constantly ingesting these medications will generally keep cold and flu symptoms to a minimum. Plus, I enjoy that knock-out feeling that Ny-Quil gives me.

This morning I was rudely awoken from a Ny-Quil coma at 7:30. Let me explain: Wednesdays are half-days for me. I don't have to be at the bank until 1:00. Translation: I get to sleep late.

But that 7:30 wake up call came from my manager. A co-worker had called in sick and I was needed to cover. I'm sure it was strictly voluntary for me to roll out of bed and work the full day. But how would that look if I had said no? So instead of fully enjoying my sleep-in day and my Ny-Quil hangover, I've made the difficult journey to work. Yeah, I took the Day-Quil, but even that is not powerful enough to reverse the effects of the Ny-Quil hangover. Oh, precious sleep, how I miss you already.

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  1. Dude.......get a Z pack and call it a day!