Monday, December 01, 2008

Favorite Things

Oprah's going around stealing my ideas. So now I'm gonna take one of hers and make it more awesome.

Each year around this time, Oprah does her "favorite things" episode. A lot of the time, her favorite things include items which only a television icon making multiple billions of dollars can afford. This year, I read that her favorite things were a little more affordable, due to the sagging economy.

So I think I'll do a list of my own favorite things. But when you read them you have to draw the words out like Oprah would. Even if you don't watch her show, you must have heard her on occasion. You know how it is when she announces a guest or something.

1. iPhone 3G - Retailing at $299.00, this thing does it all. It does way more than I need. But who uses their phone to talk to people anymore? If you're feeling crazy, use it to call your friends this Christmas. But most of the time you can use it to find a place to eat. Or identify a song you don't know. Or play Super Monkey Ball.

2. Hug - I'm really not much of a hugger. But a lot of people are. And I'll admit, I do enjoy the occasional hug now and then. Helps me to remember what it's like to be a real person, not an emotionless robot. Now, these are generally free. But if you absolutely feel the need to spend money on a hug this holiday season, I'm sure you could find a homeless man who will hug you for five bucks. But who wants to deal with the fleas? Personally, I sugges that you find a friend or family member who is willing to hug you for the bargain price of nothing. You won't find a better deal anywhere. Not even on Black Friday.

3. Playstation 3 - Okay, I already have one of these. The real question is, why don't you? Sure they cost $399.99, but it's a total entertainment system. Not only do you get to play video games on it, but you can watch your high definition Bluray movies too. Don't have an HDTV? Get one. It's so awesome.

4. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes - These are real easy to find. Go to any grocery store's snack aisle and drop $1.99. Almost as easy as getting that hug.

5. A Christmas Story - $29.99. Best. Christmas. Movie. Ever.

6. Nintendo Entertainment System - You just can't go wrong with a classic. This is listed as used (of course) on Amazon for $58.99. It comes with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and the Zapper. I still say they should make a version of that game where you can shoot the dog also. That stupid mutt always laughs at you when you miss the ducks. Dumb dog.

7. Snowflakes that Stay on my Nose and Eyelashes - Okay, I stole that one from The Sound of Music. But nonetheless, I'd like to see some snow.

So there you go. Ideas for what you can get me for Christmas. Get to it. There are only 24 more shopping days left. And hey, if you've got any other suggestions, throw them out there in the comments. You never know what could show up under your tree.


  1. Your favorites seem to be mine as well.

    I really want that new iPhone, which I think I did mention last night when I saw the commercial.

    Hugs, also my favorite.

    As for the PS3, used to be a favorite but would now like nothing more than to throw it out the 95th floor window of the John Hancock tower.

    Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, I LOVE THOSE!!!!! One of the many reasons I look forward to Christmas.

    Nintendo System is a good choice as well. I think I would like to have the original again.

    I too would love to see some snow this year.

    All in all, your favorites are very good choices except for that whole PS3 thing.

    BTW, next time you're at the store, pick me up some of those Christmas Trees!


  2. From the makers of my FAVORITE time waster, the Fail Blog (

    Thought you might enjoy this. They have a pretty good list going too.

    Oh, and we have the original NES . . . feel free to come over and lose to me any time.

    And Blockbuster has "A Christmas Story" gift packages including a Ralphie bobble head for like $45, I think. . . in case you know someone who REALLY loves you.