Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Lines List Update

So last Tuesday I did that thing that's apparently going around. You know, the thing where you randomize some songs, then list the first 20 by first lines only. Then everyone else does the guessing. Well, because I'm coming up short on writing ideas tonight, I thought I'd unveil the titles to the songs that no one was able to guess.

2. Picture Postcards From LA - Joshua Kadison
11. The 5th Wheel - Justin McRoberts
18. Friday Night - The Click Five

Those were the only three that went unguessed. And I know there were no prizes to be given, but I feel that I should give mad props to Jen for correctly answering nine of the songs in question.

Okay, next time I get bored or have writer's block I'll troll the internet for another of these types of things. MySpace bulletin boards are usually pretty good for random surveys and the like.

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