Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week of the Question: Women and Men

Do you prefer being around men or women? Do your closest friends tend to be men or women?

This is a hard question to come up with a cut and dry answer. For me there's a lot of gray area here. At one time, sure, I would have said that most of my friends were women. Or, back then, they would have just been girls. That's kind of the way high school was. These days, though, I think I have a pretty good mix of friends. Of course, for the most part, they're all spread out, so I never see any of them anyway.

I don't really have a preference as to whom I hang around with. Is it whom or who in that situation? Sometimes I'm just not sure. Anyway, most of the time I find that women are easier to talk to than men. With guys I find there's a lot of small talk. Don't get me wrong, small talk can make for some good conversation. You veer off into politics or the economy or religion, and you get pretty deep. Women, on the other hand, can draw more of the emotional stuff out of a guy. Even in the most platonic of friendships, that sort of thing can happen. In the long run, it will save us all a lot of money in therapy bills if we have a few female friends. Or, you know, a wife that you actually talk to.

That's the problem with marriages these days. No one communicates. Or, they don't know how to communicate with one another. Could it be that that's the real reason for a 52% divorce rate? That's a different tangent for a different discussion.

I've mentioned on here that I'm not so good at making new friends. Probably a mix of shyness and confidence. So I don't really care if my friends are male or female. I'll just do what I can to make sure I keep the friends I've got.

*Question of the Week comes from The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


  1. men.

    always been like that.

    j "can't think of anything good" h

  2. Good question and you knew I would answer this one because you know my feelings on this topic.

    I can NOT stand drama and to me women and drama are synonomous so I would prefer to have male friends over female friends because it makes life SO much easier. Now being a married women, pretty much makes that impossible but in high school and college my friends were all guys.

    Anyway men put it all out there and tell you like it is and for the most part they are real. Women play games. Whether it be from insecurity or jealousy, they play stupid and childish games with one another usually only bringing about hurt into the life of someone else and so I usually do choose to avoid those relationships.

    I do however have two female friends that at the moment live in Australia and Georgia but when they did live here, restored hope in my life that females can in fact be friends and be real with one another and there not be drama.