Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pa Kent

Jonathan Kent passed away today. He was 69 years old.

Reports out of Smallville, Kansas reveal that his farm was attacked by an intergalactic terrorist known only as Brainiac, a foe whom Superman has grappled with numerous times in the past. During the ensuing attack, Jonathan suffered cardiac arrest. He is survived by his wife, Martha, also of Smallville; a son, Clark, of Metropolis; a daughter-in-law, Lois Lane, also of Metropolis.

Jonathan has been described by friends and loved ones as a hard worker and a man of good moral fiber. These characteristics and many others are traits that he instilled in his son, who has gone on to become the world's greatest superhero. Don't tell anyone though, that part is a secret.

Kent certainly knew how to take one for the team. Oddly enough, this is the seventh time Mr. Kent has died. The first time was shortly after he was introduced to the world in 1939. In 1978 his death was caught on film in Superman: The Movie. Aside from his actual deaths, Jonathan experienced near death after a heart attack he suffered in 1993, due to the stress of losing his own son, who later also returned to life. What a crazy world.

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