Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

This article on Yahoo tells the very brief story of a man who won a pumpkin contest in California. The pumpkin that he entered weighed in at 1500 pounds. His prize: $9000.

I'm intrigued. I want to know more about this man and his pumpkin. First of all, what goes into growing a pumpkin that large? Was he or the gourd tested for anabolic steroids? And if so, would that disqualify them from this contest? Would they then have to testify before a congressional committee?

The farmer is from British Columbia. How much did it cost him to transport the great pumpkin to California? Was his prize money taxed in the U.S.? In Canada? Both? When it's all said and done, was it really worth it?

And what happens to the pumpkin now that the contest has ended? 1500 pounds of pumpkin is gonna make a lot of pie. Let's just make sure the good people at Cool Whip are prepared.


  1. Let me just say that I made it a solid 24 hours without any internet access. Was is difficult?? Heck yeah!

    And to answer the question of why a Tuesday?? Because Tuesdays are the biggest days on my blogs (get the most hits), I get the most emails on Tuesdays and it is the day that I get the most friend requests on Facebook so I knew that there would be a lot tempting me to sign on but i didn't. So you see, I didn't just pick some random day, I really thought this through and I made it. On top of that, I proved to both you and Kevin that I could do it :-)

    What I learned: Life does go on even when you are not there to participate in it. I went dark and no one even knew until they read your blog.


  2. ha!

    mobody knew you went dark because while you may get all those emails, texts, phone calls, and friend requests ...

    you rarely answer any of them back.

    or maybe just the ones i send.

    hhmmmmmmm ......

    j "been dark for over a year and nobody has noticed" h