Thursday, October 02, 2008


I'm debating whether or not to blog about tonight's VP debate. I can't decide if I even want to watch it. I watched last week's presidential debate.

Let me clarify, I recorded last week's debate. Saturday afternoon I started watching it and got bored. It struck me that neither of the candidates could really give a straight answer to any question. So I gave it a good half hour then turned it off. Don't yell at me.

It's not that I don't care about politics in general or the issues at hand. I do care. I care about the direction this country is heading and I care about what that's gonna mean for me in a year; in five years; in thirty years. But think about it, how much pull does the president really have? How much weight is he really able to throw around?

The way I see it, Congress is the body that passes all the laws. The executive branch can make suggestions and influence people and veto bills. Am I wrong? If I am, let me know. It's been ten years since I took that high school government class, and that's about all the exposure to politics I've ever cared to have.

So will I watch the Palin/Biden debate? I'll give it a chance, just as I did with the McCain/Obama debate. I'm thinking it'll be 15 minutes tops. We'll see.

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