Saturday, September 06, 2008

Waiting for Hanna

I've been told that I don't need an excuse to stay the night at the Greenes. But usually, when I do stay, I'm able to come up with one. Last night, I used the threat of a tropical storm. I know, lame excuse.

Pretty much because Hanna turned out to be a lame storm.

I shouldn't say that. I'm sure that there are people in eastern Carolina who are dealing with Hanna's wrath in a different way than we did. The storm blew through and didn't even wake me up last night. I'm sure we got some wind and a great deal of rain, but everything is still functioning here at the Greenehouse.

According to the news, there are about 600 homes in Raleigh that are without power due to trees hitting power lines. Of course, people to the east had it much worse. A report on Yahoo says that more than 55,000 customers are without electricity now. So, overall, Hanna hasn't been too horrible.

On deck is Ike. At this point it's hard to tell where he'll be heading. At the moment they're predicting that Ike will gain strength and become a category 4 hurricane, hit Cuba, then turn up to hit western Florida. I guess the only thing we can really be sure about is that Ike is much more of a threat than Hanna.

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