Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No More Mr. Nice Single Guy

There have been those who have accused me of being mean. I believe that is a matter of opinion. What follows, however, will only further lend credence to that opinion.

If you've been following the saga of the anonymous commenters then you know it's something that I have addressed here and here. I'm through being nice about it.

I have repeatedly asked that comments be signed. Not with pseudonyms, but with true identities. Yet, there are people who have repeatedly gone against that request. If you are unable to respect me enough to admit who you truly are on your own, then I can no longer respect your anonymity.

Months ago, Nicole and I put our heads together, and using various information gathered by each of our blogs, we were able to determine exactly who these anonymous culprits were.

We've both played along as best we could. We've even both made the request to end the anonymity. However, for the sake of the Greenes, I have refrained from doing anything more than that.

Nicole may not say anything about the childish behavior of the cyber equivalent of leaving graffiti on a wall, but she's a lot nicer than I am. As I said above, I'm done being nice about this.

To the two people to whom this post is aimed, I ask this: how stupid do you actually think I am? I've made mention several times that I can see your IP address. I can see what time you click over to my page. I can see where you're coming from. I can see where you go next. I can even see just how long you spent on my site. It doesn't take a genius to know that the comments left by "Amy" and "Mickey Mouse" earlier today on this post were in fact left by the same person. I would be wasting a lot of time in citing all the examples, but trust me when I say that I can.

From this moment on, I will not be approving any comments left by either of you, unless you are grown-up enough to sign your real name. And consider this your final opportunity to come clean. If I find one more anonymous or fake signature on a comment on this blog, just one, I will publish your names for any of my readers to see. You, however, can avoid such embarrassment by commenting on this post and admitting who you really are. Ask yourselves, do you really want to be called on out something like this? For something as trivial as a blog comment?

This isn't about receiving inappropriate comments at this point. It's the principle of the matter. It's an issue of respect. And I'm really not one to harp on getting respect from people. But when I've asked numerous times to respect my wishes on my blog and you have repeatedly refused to do so, it makes me angry.

If you think I'm bluffing, that I won't call you out the very next time that you leave your anonymous comment, just try me. I would love nothing more than to reveal your identity to everyone who follows this blog on a daily basis. The ball is in your court.

To everyone else out there who has commented in the past or will comment in the future, thank you for your honesty and for being forthright with me about who you are. Please do not let this discourage you from continuing to share your opinions with me.

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  1. oh aaron. you sounded like dirty harry just then.

    j "getting chills down her spine" h