Saturday, September 13, 2008

Missing the Family

What's wrong with me? Seriously. I don't get attached to people. I don't get emotional.

The Greenes have been gone for approximately four hours now and I'm going out of my mind missing that family. What's the deal?

When I graduated from college, I had an attack of missing my friends. But that didn't hit until the day after everyone left town. And I blame most of that emotional outburst on the missing friends as well as the huge life change. But you see what I'm saying, it took a little more than 24 hours for all of that to really kick in.

And I've house sat for the Greenes when they've left town before. Remember back in July when they went to the beach for 10 days? Yeah, I stayed at the house that whole time. And I was fine. What makes this so different? Is it because they're in Florida, which, theoretically, is further away. But really, both times they're only as far away as a phone call or a text message or even an e-mail.

Have I become that much more attached to them over the last couple months? I should not be having this kind of seperation anxiety at 28 years of age. I guess this means that I won't be able to move away from this area now. I mean, I wasn't planning on leaving any time soon. But I figured, you know, a few years from now, sure, I'd move on. What if I can't? What if I'm stuck here because I won't be able to bear being away from Kevin, Nicole, and their five or so kids?

Could it be that I'm growing emotions? Is there an organ that holds them all? I know we toss around expressions like "with all my heart." But really, the heart pumps blood. It doesn't make you happy or sad. Well, I think be an emotion gland or something. Maybe it's growing in next to the awesome gland. That's the part that makes people awesome.

So now, I count the days, the minutes, the seconds...


  1. wow. so you won't miss me and our special times scrambling?

    fine then.

    j "it cuts like a knife" h

  2. Maybe I didn't mention you because I would miss you most of all. Did you ever think of that? Huh? I miss you like the flower misses the sun in winter. Extra points if you get that movie reference without asking your sister.