Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life Story: Chapter Two

Here's another story of life before I was born. I'm not exactly sure when I was due to be born, but I almost came early.

1980 was a Leap Year. That meant that February 29th came only a week prior to my actual birth. Funny thing though, Mom went into labor on Leap Day. Turns out it was a false labor. But the whole day, she was scared that I would be born on the 29th.

I don't see what the big deal is. So I would have only had a real birthday once every four years. I wouldn't be as spoiled as those kids who have birthdays every year. And then, every February 29th, think of how special that day would be. You could have four years' worth of birthday parties all at once. Crazy fun.

The next time labor pains it, it was the real deal. The evening of March 5th was when it all began. And again, it was all wrong for Mom. Apparently, all week long, the television had been advertising a very special Eight is Enough. I guess one of the main characters was supposed to have some kind of encounter with Vietnam or something. I don't know, I've never seen it.

This was before Tivo. This was even before every home had VCRs attached to every TV. So it's not as if she could hit record then hop in the car and go to the hospital. She had to miss it. One of her favorite shows with a "very special" episode. And it was all my fault.

And thus, I began life with my mother resenting me for causing her to miss her program. Would it be a sign of things to come? Only time would tell.

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