Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Greene Day Ten

And here we have Queen Battle, formerly known as Chloe. Don't let her size fool you. She's quite powerful and ferocious. According to approximate measurements taken by
Jen and Nicole, QB is a mere five doughnuts long.

I suppose by that reckoning, I'm roughly 18 doughnuts tall. I feel like a giant among domesticated pets.

But I don't go around bragging about my size to the Queen. I fear her wrath.

And she's a slippery little thing. She is generally kept contained in a small cage that resides in Kevin and Nicole's room. It is my contention that she merely allows this to be so. Maggie is there to keep her company, and I daresay, to entertain her.

There has been one occasion, after a trip into nature, that I was returning Queen Battle to her holding area and she seemingly vanished. It was clear she did not wish to return to the cage with her cellmate. Who was I to argue?

Within minutes she returned, as if from nowhere, and allowed me to place her back in her would-be home.

I have yet to experience the full depth of Queen Battle's abilities, and I'm sad to say, I may never see such things come to fruition. You see, in October, Jen will be flying to this very place to snatch the Queen away and take her to the west coast. Godspeed Queen Battle.

1 comment:

  1. sing w/ me .. you know you want to:

    Queen - a-ah - savior of the universe

    Queen - a-ah - she'll save every one of us

    Queen - a-ah - she's a miracle

    Queen - a-ah - queen of impossible.

    She's for everyone of us
    Stand for everyone of us
    She'll save with a mighty hand
    Every man every woman
    Every child - with a mighty flash

    Queen - a-ah
    Queen - a-ah - she'll save every one of us

    Just a dog
    With a dog's courage
    Nothing but a dog
    She can never fail
    No one but the pure in heart
    May find the golden grail
    Oh oh - oh oh


    j "all hail the queen" h