Saturday, September 20, 2008

Greene Day Seven

This is Onya. She's the oldest of the Legion of Super Pets. While she has no actual super powers, she is a very sweet dog.

It has only taken her a year to get used to my car. For a long time, whenever I would pull into the Greenes' driveway, she would come out of the garage and bark at me. Now that I've stayed here enough and taken care of her when her people are out of town, she's gotten to know me a little better.

Sadly, Onya is just about blind. She's all the time bumping into things and people. She gets excited when I get back to the house after work. I open the garage door and out she comes. She makes her way over to my car and walks with me as I go into the house. She usually runs into the back of my legs twice before I make it all the way through the garage.

Sometimes she runs into the kids' bikes. Sometimes she runs into the lawnmower. Sometimes when I go out to feed her, she flips over her food dish or spills her water bowl. She is easily excitable.

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