Monday, September 22, 2008

Greene Day Nine

And here we have Maggie. The slowest dog ever.

Okay, I don't mean she can't move quickly. Because when she wants to, she can run like the wind blows. She'll run to the door when it's time to go outside. She'll run to her food dish when it's time for her to eat.

But when it comes time for her to... uh... how do I put this delicately? ...Drop the deuce, she's all kinds of slow. Especially when I'm here on my lunch break trying to get her to do the deed in the twenty or so minutes I have to get everything done. Including taking care of everyone else. And also feeding myself.

But while she is stubborn, she does listen better than Bailey. But Bailey's a cat, so I shouldn't expect too much there.

And tomorrow you'll get a look at the one you've been waiting for. That's right.

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