Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Haircut

I've needed one for so very long. I put it off much longer than I normally would. The reason was explained back in The Highlighting Job. The short version is that I was told that I should let it grow long so I could get it highlighted. Pretty self explanatory.

Well, over the last few days I've been dealing with shaggy hair growing over my ears and covering the back of my neck. It was very uncomfortable. So I finally went to get it cut yesterday.

I went to Sport Clips, as I usually have since moving to Wake Forest. This place is great. Not only do they cut your hair, but they shampoo it. I know they do that anywhere. But this isn't just a shampoo. They massage your scalp. I'm really hoping that having your scalp massaged is an option in Heaven. They also wrap a hot towel around your face.

No one has ever explained the purpose of the hot towel on the face to me. If you know, feel free to comment. So I don't know the reason, but I like it. Maybe that's the only explanation I need. It feels good.

It's a little shorter on top than I would have liked. I'm pretty sure the highlighting job is still visible, but the swoopty in the front is almost gone. The scalp massage more than made up for that though.

Plus, the girl running the cashier... wicked hot. She's what you'd call statuesque. And then there's the possibility that she was flirting with me. See, with the scalp massage/face towel package, it costs $18. She only charged me $15. Of course, it's also a possibility that she just hit the wrong button.

There would be no future there anyway. She's probably too young. Plus, there was a promise ring or something equally lame. Promise rings are stupid. They're given to naive young ladies as their boyfriends go off to college in another town. The girls get them and get all giddy, 'cause they think it's the next step toward marriage. She stays at home and lives her faithful life. Meanwhile, the boyfriend is off at Appalachian State doing whatever with whomever he wants. Promise rings are a joke. Guys (and by guys I mean lame pseudo-romantic high school guys), don't give those things out before you go to college. Just break up with her and let her live her life. You know it's never gonna work out anyway. Those long-distance things never work. If you don't break up before the semester starts, I can almost guarantee it'll be over by Thanksgiving. Seen it a hundred times.


  1. I must comment. Kevin gave me a promise ring my senior year of high school, two years later we were married and 15 years later we are still together with five kids.

    Conclusion: Not all promise rings or the guys who give them can be labeled lame. Sorry.

  2. Correction: 1% of the male population actually means it when they give their lady friend a promise ring. I didn't mean to make it sound like there are no guys out there with no integrity. We are, however, a dying breed.

  3. barbershops would wrap a hot towel around your face in preparation for a shave. the steam opens up your pores which allows for a closer, cleaner shave.

    that being said, a hot towel is not going to save you from kevin's wrath. it might, however, help the swelling go down faster.

    j "note to kevin: strike first strike hard no mercy sir" h