Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

During the last school year I had a class at 7:30 every morning but Mondays. I did that for both semesters. This semester, I chose to have only one 7:30 class which meets on Tuesday and Wednesday. After one day of that experience, I'm already sorry I did that. I'm sure I'll adjust. But today has been rough.

Maybe it's because my Tuesdays will be such that I have no break in the morning.
7:30 - Class
9:00 - Class
10:00 - Chapel
11:30 - Class

And today has been especially non-stop. I volunteered to work this afternoon since one of my co-tellers needed a half-day off. Also, my manager and new assistant manager are out of the office this afternoon. We are a skeleton crew. Why would I voluntarily spend an unneeded four hours in a building I despise?

Because I'm nice.

And stupid.

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